Miller Ancients boasts expertise across the centuries, from the first coins of Alyattes and Croesus in 600 BC to the fall of Constantinople two millennia later

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Galba (r. 68-69) Gold Aureus

An impressive portrait & one of the more difficult Twelve Caesars gold pieces

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Macedon (Roman Rule) First Meris Silver Tetradrachm

Struck following Aemilius Paulus’ conquest of Macedon, this coin symbolizes the dual identities that were to emerge in the formerly Greek Roman East

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Octavian (later Augustus) Silver Denarius

After defeating Antony and Cleopatra at sea off the coast of Greece, Octavian returned to Rome, master of the republic

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Mysia, Cyzicus (ca. 365 BC) Silver Tetradrachm

A city with a long history of coinage, Cyzicus struck these dynamic types near the twilight of Persian rule

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