“To the glory that was Greece – and the grandeur that was Rome”

-Edgar Allan Poe

Miller Ancients, based in New York, is a leading ancient coin firm delivering tangible pieces of history and art to discerning collectors

Vista of the Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion, southern tip of Attica

Original temple burned during the Persian invasion of Greece in 480 BC; surviving structure dates to the Athenian Golden Age (ca. 440-430 BC)

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A passion for ancient art and human stories

Miller Ancients connects comprehensive knowledge of the ancient world with a talent for the modern market, delivering clients the most interesting coins at the best available prices

Purchases and Collecting

Explore Miller Ancients’ diverse and well-priced offerings of Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Persian coinage – spanning the ancient world from 600 BC to 1400 AD!

Education and Learning

Learn more about ancient history and classical numismatics through feature articles and blog posts.

Advisory and Representation

Questions about building a collection, auction houses, or how to navigate the market? Miller Ancients provides a variety of advisory and consulting services – don’t hesitate to inquire below.

Coins from every era, of every civilization, for every collection

Over 10,000 coins sold to date

Rome at sunset: the Arch of Titus in the foreground, with the Colosseum behind

The two iconic structures are closely related: Roman general Titus erected the arch to commemorate his victories in the Jewish Revolt; Titus later became emperor and oversaw the completion of the Colosseum, also named the Flavian Amphitheater after his family

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