Macedon – Philip II (r. 359-336 BC) AR tetradrachm, Amphipolis

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Greece, Northern. Late Classical/Early Hellenistic. Macedon – Philip II (r. 359-336 BC) AR tetradrachm, mint of Amphipolis


Greece, Northern. Late Classical/Early Hellenistic Period. Struck under Cassander as regent, ca. 323-315 at Amphipolis, Thrace.

Design: Laureate head of Zeus right / Nude horseman riding right, holding palm frond; aphlaston below.

Ref. SNG ANS-740; Le Rider plate 46

Dimensions: 25 mm / 14.39gm / 11h

Condition: Choice XF – AU; gorgeous subdued blue hues on lustrous surfaces. A fine example.

Video: Philip of Macedon tetradrachm video


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