Terms & Conditions

Miller Ancients LLC (“Miller Ancients”) engages in the sale of ancient coins and objects via millerancients.com. When making a purchase from Miller Ancients, the customer agrees to provide personal data relevant to the transaction, such as shipping address, billing address, and payment information. This personal information is used solely for the purposes of completing the transaction and assisting with future interactions with Miller Ancients’ website and organization. Personal customer data will not be sold to a data broker or advertiser(s).

Coins and items on the site must be paid for prior to shipment/completion of the order. Payments are accepted via Zelle (preferred), Credit/Debit Card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), and ApplePay. For an order of $5,000.00 or more, please contact Miller Ancients about payment via wire transfer. Miller Ancients will collect applicable sales tax on all transactions, unless you are an authorized reseller. If this is the case, please contact millerancients@gmail.com to provide us with your resale certificate and we will waive the sales tax on the transaction.

All items are guaranteed genuine and will be refunded if found to be inauthentic by professionals. If a customer sends a coin to Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (“NGC”) and it is deemed fake (Not Genuine), Miller Ancients will refund the buyer for the full amount of the purchase after the buyer ships the coin back to Miller Ancients and the firm has taken possession of the coin. Miller Ancients will also refund buyers for coins deemed by NGC as “No Decision” or “Tooled,” if the tooling is not noted in the description. If the buyer does not believe the coin to be authentic, but provides no expert opinions supporting their claim, issuance of a refund is at Miller Ancients’ discretion.

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All images of coins on the site are property of Miller Ancients and may not be used without consent; however, Miller Ancients will provide free, unlimited, and commercial use of photos of items sold to the buyer, upon request.

Miller Ancients LLC is based in New York, NY and any legal disputes must be brought in New York State and transactions are governed by New York State law.