Our Story

From Miller Ancients founder and CEO, Spencer Miller

Like many passionate coin collectors, I have been been with the hobby my whole life. Born and raised in New York City, from the age of five I would regularly visit the Sunday afternoon flea market to talk to Bobby, an eccentric 77-year old with a table consisting of such treasures as early US large cents and Barber dimes. The coins I collected served as a prism to an American history I was fascinated by. I was probably more captivated by the histories of the Greeks and Romans, and delighted in studying eight years of Latin. But like many US coin collectors, I was unaware that their coins were accessible to the general public – much less affordable.

Pictured: the Grand Bazaar Flea Market at 77th Street & Columbus Ave in New York City, where my coin collecting journey began

All that changed when I went to high school and found ancient coins (in remarkable condition) were being offered on eBay and online stores for incredibly accessible prices. Almost overnight, I switched my collecting focus completely to ancients, focusing on the periods that most interested me historically: the Roman & Byzantine empires. Studying late Roman coinage for two weeks at the ANA Summer Seminar in 2018 with Kerry Wetterstrom of CNG and Doug Mudd gave me my first expertise in identifying and differentiating types and determining where to find value.

After my first year at Tufts University, I interned for a summer at Heritage Auctions at their headquarters in Dallas. The position was so insightful and rewarding that I returned for a second summer in 2023. In Dallas, I cataloged over $1 million of coins, conducted a $900,000 appraisal of a private collection, managed consignments, and negotiated private sales. The two internships exposed me to talented professionals with an understanding of the market while also expanding my familiarity with Greek coins, which now make up a significant part of Miller Ancients’ business.

Since the onset of the pandemic I had started small-scale ancient coins dealing, but in the summer of 2022 I chose to dramatically expand my buying and selling operations. Incorporated as an LLC in December 2022, Miller Ancients has quickly grown to be one of the largest ancients-exclusive businesses in the U.S. The firm currently trades over $500,000 a year in ancient coins and does business in 14 countries with a wide network of dealers, auction houses, and clients. On this website, my goal is to provide a thoughtfully curated group of ancients at the best fixed prices available for direct buying.

In my seven years collecting and dealing ancient coins, my personal interests have developed a good deal. At first, I was focused on Eastern Roman/early Byzantine coinage, as I am drawn to the period of the Roman Empire as a Christian state, as well as the duality between a declining ancient world order and a new, medieval one. As I’ve been exposed to far more types through dealing, I’ve developed new interests as well. One would be Greek Archaic period coinage – that is, the first electrum issues of Lydia and Ionia (ca. 650 BC) and early Greek coinage that predates the great Persian Wars. Additionally, I am fascinated by the period at the end of the Roman Republic and in the transition to Empire – populated with notable figures such as Julius Caesar, Pompey, Mark Antony, Cleopatra, Augustus, and so on. These coins are particularly popular with collectors today, and I plan to offer many on the website at much lower prices than they are typically listed for. The overall theme of my ancient coin interests could be categorized as follows: periods of transition – from proto-money to coinage in 650 BC, from Roman Republic to Empire in the time of Caesar, and from paganism to Christianity in the transformational Roman world of the fourth century AD.